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Trust in nature

Balance your Home & Reset your senses with carefully crafted Home cleansing herbs. Burn as Incense or to complete your home cleaning, these blends leave your space feeling peaceful and free.

Nutritious Herbal Teas

A big cup of Life

Self Care Hack: Drink nourishing tea Everyday. Wake up Refreshed & discover what a wellness lifestyle is all about. Ingredients that will make you and your body rejoice.

Where Self Care Meets Home Care

Be Essential

Discover our Essential oils and Incense Blends for the care of your home and all who dwell within it.

Enjoy a sip of Wellness

Like a spoon full of Honey, our teas get your taste buds buzzing. Our Herbal blends are hand crafted not only for their aromatic and flavorful constituents, but also for the energetic balance of flowers, roots, barks, berries, and leaves. Bring balance into your life today with a cup of Lillie Bee's Organic Teas.


This Tea was very flavorful, to the point where I didn't need to sweeten it! My body thanked me with each sip I took.
(Lillie Bee's Immunity Tea)

Elizabeth - Nashville, Tennessee

When I broke my ankle, my wife bought me some Bath Salts from here and they really work! I soak with them every night to ease the sore muscles and bone. I don't know what I would do without this mineral soak. It smells good too.

Miles - Chicago, Illinois

I've been searching for a home cleansing kit to gift to my sister after should purchased her first home. The one I bought here is so Amazing. It not only removes old and negative energy, but it also has incense to burn to bring Blessings and Good vibes to your space. It made cleaning her space so fun! Def ordering again.

Brittney - Atlanta, Georgia